Taking your Dubstep to the next level

xone brandDubstep has truly taken the world by storm with new sub-genres popping up seemingly every year. We have seen major artists come to light and other DJs make it big time with the genre. The world has accepted Dubstep with open arms and with this new tide of electronica many of us want to take our Dubstep to the next level.

Sadly however most of us don’t know what it takes to make a hit or not and I’m not saying that I have a magical formally that will make your dreams come true. No, what I have to offer in the following article deals with principles of marketing, over fifteen years of on stage music experience and general observations about music. The following can be applied to any genre but for this sake we’ll just focus on Dubstep.

Master the basics: It is important to master the fundamentals of Dubstep or any music genre for that matter. In fact to learn the basics of composing and music theory is highly recommended as it will allow you to tap into your creativity and translate it into music. Know at least the difference between majors and minors, a few scales and so forth. When it comes to dubstep understand the structure of the music as well, when to implement the drops, the style of bass and drums.

Good Dubstep Software: A good DJ would never just use one piece of software since there is no one piece of music software out there that can “do everything”. There is some decent dubstep software on the market that comes packed with awesome loops, sound libraries and more. Be on the look out for these since they will most definitely help you grow your arsenal. Learn more about how to make dubstep from this website.

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